What to Expect from the eSports Industry in 2022


It is obvious that there is so much headed towards eSports in 2022. The news, top personalities, game players, and everyone seem to be saying a lot about what to expect and the extent to expect it. Fans and everyone within the gaming industry are excited about what eSports will bring out this year. The expectations are high considering how eSports has gone mainstream since the late 2010s.

Users and viewers of eSports continue to top the gaming chart. However, despite this level of success and publicity, it has gotten over the years, there are still speculations of where 2022 will be taking the gaming company. Many investors are still speculating whether or not to partake in this growing industry.

This article gives a rundown of eSports in 2022 and what the industry could expect in the future. Here, an overview of eSports will be provided and some of the top games will be outlined.

What is eSports?

For people who are not yet conversant with eSports, it is an organized video game competition usually played by professionals in the field, and the players are organized in a team where they get to compete for a cash prize. eSports is the online version of traditional sports, with top sports athletes vying for the winning position in the game.

Why is eSports Popular?

The popularity of eSports is mostly due to its nature, which is the ability of players to engage in live sports activities online. It makes sports so accessible and convenient. Another thing that has brought about eSports popularity is its connectivity. Here, you don’t need physical game fixtures where you need to be in the same location.

The game is played from anywhere and with anyone in the world. All you need is access to the internet via a workable device and you can enjoy all the fun the game offers.

Biggest eSports Games

So many top-rated games dominate the eSports industry, and there is a prediction that more will come up in the coming days. On eSports, there are so many team-based games to play, but this list here outlines some of them,

  • Fortnite
  • Overwatch
  • DOTA 2
  • League of legends
  • PUBG

New Advancements in the eSports Industry

eSports has brought about so much enhancement in the gaming industry. While it continues to enjoy mainstream advancement, this has not come without cause. It has been prompted by several new advancements the industry has recorded in recent times due to technological changes. Here are some of the notable advancements in the eSports industry in 2022.

  • Huge Cash Prize: Although big cash prizes in the eSports game focused mainly on games like DOTA 2 and League of legends. Interestingly, with the growing interest in online gaming, more room is opening for bigger cash prizes and other promotional offers that make it attractive.
  • The Growth of Online Gambling: One thing eSports has brought about is the rise of online gambling. As more virtual games are introduced, many people want to make money from it. With the growing interest of online players to win huge cash prizes, this has increased the betting rate today. With so much money available to be won, eSports fans have the chance to bet as much as they can.
  • Increased Engagement on Mobile Phone: Since this is a game of convenience and compatible with smartphones, the increase in the number of people who engage their mobile phones for online gaming has continued to rise. This means eSports enthusiasts cannot only play on the console or PC; they can also do that on other devices. With a mobile phone, you can engage in a tournament without being physically present there.

What to Expect from eSports in 2022?

With the increased attention directed towards eSports and its mainstream domination in the gaming industry, there is no doubt that everyone is eager to know what could be expected from the industry in 2022. While it is still uncertain what this could be, here are solid predictions on what to expect from the industry this year.

  • Revenue Growth: eSports clocked a whopping sum of $1.1 billion in 2020, higher than its $950 million in revenue from 2019. There is a great possibility that its revenue will grow more in 2022. Key players are doing everything within their capacity to surpass the revenue recorded in 2022.
  • Enhancement of Mobile Games: The mobile games offered by eSports are not where those of PCs and consoles are. However, it is expected that in 2022, the industry will look into bridging this divide and improving mobile-oriented gaming.
  • Live eSports Betting: Although the company has been into online betting and gambling, changes continue to happen. With its high user base and demographic, it’s expected that there will be more online live betting games.

Much is not known yet about how eSports will bounce back into 2022. But, from what’s known, it has the potential of being outstanding.

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