When Does Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons Launch Today?

Guild Wars 2: End Of Dragons Is Going To The Echovald Wilds

Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons, the latest update to ArenaNet’s massive MMORPG launches today so you’ll need to get ready if you’re going to visit Cantha in a few hours.

Players looking to sail the Jade Sea and adventure into the newest Guild Wars 2 expansion can log in at 9AM PST / 12PM EST / 5PM GMT / 6PM CET on 28 February 2022 to experience everything that Cantha has to offer. From Jade Bots to new masteries, a world full of mysterious enemies, and a cityscape that fuses Canthan architecture with new technology. There is tons to explore as Tyrians move on to a new chapter in this long-running saga. Anybody who wants to ensure that they are fully up to date can still log in and finish tidying their inventory of quickly finish Dragons Stand, then grab Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons over on the official website for as little as £25.99 or local equivalent.


Last Minute Catch Up

For those that don’t have time to play through the fate of Jormag or buy the last round of Living World events, ArenaNet has already dropped a video. Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons – The Story Thus Far should get you quickly up to date.

Whether it’s playing one of the brand new classes like the Specter or Mechanist, jumping on a Siege turtle and riding into battle with a compatriot, or checking out Skiffs as you fish the waters around Cantha, you can experience everything in the latest Guild Wars 2 expansion at 9AM PST. Find out even more of what’s to come in our previews or over n the official Guild Wars 2 website now or watch the launch day stream to prepare for this new adventure.

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