Where The Heart Leads PS4 Giveaway

where the heart leads PS4 gieaway

Armature Studios released their new narrative adventure to NA stores on 14 September and we’ve got two copies to win with our Where The Heat Leads PS4 giveaway.

Out now on PlayStation 4, Where The Heart Leads is a dream-like narrative tale where past, present, and future manifest and players are challenged to make their way through a surreal world. Taking control of protagonist Whit, players picking up Where The Heart Leads arrive in an unknown land that lies somewhere just beyond the realms of Whit’s imagination. After tumbling through the darkness, this lost soul finds a realm where his life is played out around him with unusual results. To celebrate the physical release of this tale in NA stores, Armature Studios have bequeathed us two copies of Where the Heart Leads to give away.

Where the Heart Leads is far from the serene escape it sounds like however, however. Where the heart leads allows Whit to change his fate, grappling with the toughest decisions across decades of adventure. Not only will his choices impact his own path, but the town of Carthage. The homestead away from home and its quirky residents are also likely to feel the impact of Whit’s decisions. With thousands of choices and dozens of possible endings, Where The Heart Leads is a visual adventure full of gorgeous watercolors and a deeper meaning that you’ll have to uncover.

To win a PlayStation 4 copy of Where The Heart Leads simply use the competition panel below to enter.



For those that can’t wait to see if you win. Where the Heart Leads is available digitally on the PlayStation Store, and now physically. Physical copies of don’t jsut include a copy of Whit’s escapades. They also include a bonus digital artbook and digital soundtrack for $29.99. If you want to find out more about what’s in store for Whit, then check out the official website or have a look on shelves in major retailers. Good luck to you all.





Important Information:

To win a PlayStation 4 copy of Where The Heart Leads simply use the competition panel below to enter. We will keep entries open for one week and the competition is open to readers in the United States only.

The Prize is a copy of Where The Heart Leads on PS4.

We’ve extended entries until the close of 23:59 ET 1 October 2021 to get your entries in. Full terms are on the entry form above

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