Where the Water Tastes Like Wine to be Narrated by Sting

Sting, the legendary rocker and Police front man, will be adding his voice talents to Good Shepherd Entertainment’s Where the Water Tastes Like Wine. The game is being developed by Dim Bulb Games and Serenity Forge and is described as an American folklore adventure title.

“This game is a unique storytelling experience,” Sting wrote. “I’m happy to be part of this visionary collaboration.”

The narrative adventure features sixteen stories from the Great Depression era of the United States, an era of legend and fantasy. What makes it unique is that each narrative is written by a different person, from drifter to fortune teller to magical creatures.

Besides Sting, other well-known voice artists will be adding their talents to the game. These include Kimberly Brooks (Mass Effect), Cissy Jones (Firewatch) and Dave Fennoy (Telltale’s Walking Dead).

According to the Steam page, WtWTLW is due out in early 2018.

Where the Water Tastes Like Wine

It is a wistfully imaginative American folklore game about sharing stories and traveling while surviving manifest destiny. Wander through a century of American history, encountering and exploring an eclectic variety of people, perspectives and personal tales along the way. The surreal journey features truly gorgeous illustration from Kellan Jett, combining dramatic 2D visuals with a 3D overworld map of the United States.

Game Features:
  • A variety of folk tales and personal stories to encounter, told by characters from all over America
  • Beautiful combination of 3D overworld and 2D illustration in its own unique style
  • Stories by a wide selection of excellent writers
  • An emerging fantastical, psychedelic, surreal, and creepy tinge as the game continues

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