Which 2022 Video Games Would Make Good Slots?

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Following some massive releases in 2021, this year is looking to be yet another big year for video game fans with some huge titles set to hit PC and gaming consoles.

As excitement builds for fans across the globe, how could we experience our favorite video games in a new way? The growing online casino industry could have the answers as the worlds of video games and slot games are not so far apart. There is a growing number of online slots available to play on the internet and some video games have already been adapted into popular slots. But let’s explore a few games of this year that could potentially make a good slot.

Elden Ring

Released earlier this year, Elden Ring is an action role-playing game that was developed in collaboration with renowned fantasy novelist George R.R Martin. Elements of the game are undoubtedly mystical, and players are thrown into a dark and mysterious world full of dungeons, castles, quests, demigods, monsters, and much more. These characters and landscapes are not hard to imagine within an entertaining slot game.

2022 video games

Gran Turismo 7

Available now on PS4 and PS5, Gran Turismo 7 gives racing fans an incredible racing experience with selections of missions, tests, and the opportunity to win additional credits. Players can customise and upgrade their cars and make engine swaps – an exciting feature offered for the first time in the series. There have also been developments in the game’s dynamic weather cycle from different cloud formations to detailed night skies. Whilst tensions may be high when getting to the finish line, the relief of victory is definitely sweet and similar to winning slots games. With graphics of cool cars and a great soundtrack, the worlds of racing and slots could merge into a truly epic game.


Speaking to The Washington Post, Bethesda Game Studios Executive ProducerTodd Howard describes Starfield to be “like Skyrim in space.” Skyrim is widely regarded as one of the most popular fantasy role-playing games of all time, so fans are expected to have very high hopes for Starfield.

Set to release later this year on PC and Xbox Series X/S, the game is likely to become the next biggest exploration game. Set within the solar system amidst a civil war, players can take on the role of a character in Constellation (a space exploration organization). Not much is known about the game, but Bethesda has promised that every player’s experience will be different due to the range of activities and quests. iGaming developers could take inspiration from the cool intergalactic graphics to create a truly out-of-this-world slot game.

Horizon Forbidden West

PS4 and PS5 saw the introduction of Horizon Forbidden West in February. In the sequel to the hugely popular 2017 game Horizon Zero Dawn, gamers can play as the character Aloy and explore a dystopian world. PS5 presented the game with new features and gamers can explore underwater. An aquatic-themed slot would be an interesting creation for gamers to experience this game in a completely new way.

2022 video games 2

Aside from these games, slot developers could take inspiration from the vast number of other games set to release as the year goes on. Video game fans and slot game fans alike can look forward to a future of innovative ways to experience their favorite games.

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