Which upcoming console is best for you?


Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft have been at the forefront of developing video game consoles. We are now drawing closer to probably the end of this era’s gaming consoles as both Microsoft and Sony are to release new ones. Microsoft is set to release Xbox Series X while Sony PlayStation 5. The days of basic singularly focused gaming are long gone and gamers are now exposed to virtual reality gaming and 4K high dynamic range. Nevertheless, we would still like to know which the best system to settle for is.

As mentioned earlier, Xbox Series X is expected to be Microsoft’s greatest development in terms of gaming. However, until its arrival in the market, its predecessor the Xbox One X stands out among all other consoles where 4K gaming is concerned. It comes with HDR and a Blu-ray player that is 4K and thus gives access to videos of high resolution and amazing new games. Whether enhanced or not, all games played on this platform have their visuals enhanced by the additional horsepower. Nevertheless, the games library is quite dry relative to other consoles like PS4.

If the best games are what you are interested in, PS4 is the way to go. Though it is outshined by Xbox One in terms of technical prowess, it compensates for this by containing all the must-haves. This console also comes with a proprietary VR headset and it boasts of being the only console with that ability. This headset is the most affordable and available VR headset. Moreover, PS4 has access to less-popular niche titles and games such as role-playing from Japan. This console is however knocked out by Xbox One X where multimedia supremacy is concerned as it doesn’t have a legitimate 4K Blu-ray player.

Gaming Consoles

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