Why Everyone Likes Playing Sims


The number of individuals playing Sims keeps rising every day since the game got launched some two decades ago. The game has kept getting better and better and with improved versions making everyone want to play it. The current version is Sims 4, which got released some five years ago, and the game downloads and plays are overwhelming. What makes this game enjoy so much success? Might it be the features, the design, the characters, or the easy downloads? There are many other games with such characteristics, but still, they don’t enjoy such popularity. This article will discuss some reasons why many people like playing the Sims game. Here are some genuine reasons.

1.  It Is A Casual Game

You don’t have to attend classes, master, or learn anything about this game to play it. Also, the game has no rules, regulations, or time limit to play. You can play the game later today, after two months or after years, without forgetting its flow and processes. While the largest players of this game are women, anyone can play it as long as they can download it. You can download Sims 4 on PC and enjoy it at home. The game is inviting and provides real-life episodes that anyone can relate to. It has no complex mechanisms, doesn’t wear out your thinking, and has no learning phase for beginners. You download, install, and start playing it while mastering the processes.

2.  It Has Everything Wrapped Into One

The Sims game is incomparable to any other game you have played. Why is it so? It has got so many life features that got wrapped into one game. The game has Life-Sim, which comprises characters developing relationships, making the kids, and have different growth stages in their lives, including death – just like a normal human being. A sandbox comprises different objectives that let characters jump to other life stages and make one feel supreme over everything. There is a home builder feature in which the player enables the characters to build their homes and other structures according to their tastes and preferences. You can fill the homes with furniture, appliances, color schemes, ornaments, and anything else like what people do in their homes. You can also add different packs to have limitless features to build homes, make decorations, and access other features not available in the default game.

3.  The Power Of The Humble Sim

The game has different versions to choose from, including the Humble Sim, which gives more than what the player expects – the NPC and the playable character. This power gives the player and the characters unlimited features, including gibberish language, backstories of aliens, inhabitants, and other more features you won’t possibly find in other games. These features make one get hooked to the game, especially to individuals who love adventures and silly plays. Its volatility and discovery of families and deaths make one become emotionally attached to the game and makes it relatable to real-life situations. Create-a-Sim addition enables individuals to create their own Sims according to their desired appearances, fashion, and personal traits. All these customizations make the game worthy of having it on your gaming device. Compared to other games, the Sims play makes you feel the characters exist in the real world.

4.  The Game Has Different Content Releases

Unlike other games, which become monotonous at times due to recurring episodes, the Sims game gives you something worth a smile – new episodes unrelated to the previous one. The current episode, Sim 4, offers players the ability to change and expose their characters to stardom, social media exposure, and new cities that act as neighborhoods. Currently, there are over eight additions you can make, including the famous Harry Potter episodes in the Realm of Magic or changing one to become a vampire in new neighborhoods. What’s more? There are new updates every time, including new clothes, building materials, new characters, adding animals, and enjoying different gaming modes not related to previous versions.

5.  There Is A Vibrant Community In Social Media

There are millions of created games, but only a few have risen to have communities on social media sites. One of the popular games is the Sims, which has gained attraction and has a vibrant society on the YouTube site. YouTube is now full of channels that explain details and give clues of this game, including YouTubers like LilSimsie and James Turner. All these YouTubers have gained massive views and following, making them rank as the top game YouTubers. What do they discuss? Their content varies from screenshots of the game and live-streaming of the game. Some have even gone ahead and crafted best-selling stories concerning this game on YouTube and websites. It is the game’s popularity that you have found this article.

6.  Player-Created Sims 4

As discussed above, the Sim 4 episode got released a few years back with the player in mind. It gives the player privileges to customize the game according to their wants and needs. The player can put up their challenges, trends, and playing mods. One of the famous ongoing creations is where the player can create a doppelganger and check them playing among other characters. There are also different challenges to choose from, including the runaway teen challenge, build recreation challenge, the 100 baby challenge, legacy challenge, and much more.

7.  It’s An Art That Imitates Life

If there is a game that has imitated real-life to perfection, it’s the Sims game. The play resonates with players in every stage of their life, including building relationships, getting pregnant, making children, growing, and even death. With it, you can swap your tribulations and hardships to the game where creativity, ambitions, and unrealistic potential flourishes. The game gives you ways you can quickly perfect your real-life.

Sims 1

The above are just a few of the reasons why the Sims is popular. We believe there are many to this, which makes this game continue trending even after years of existence. If you haven’t yet played this game, you are missing a lot. Rush now and download it, install it on your favorite device and enjoy the fun, just like what others are doing right now. You won’t regret the decision, and you will immensely enjoy the games play.

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