Why Have Over 170 More Games Been Removed From Steam In Recent Weeks?

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If you love playing online games, and we aren’t just talking about the great games you see on Borgata review, you would know that Steam is one of the more popular platforms for gamers out there. However, things haven’t been going smoothly when it comes to the gaming company; it has had to increasingly deal with ‘troll’ games.

All About Steam’s Move

Everyone was shocked when Steam removed more than 170 trolling games from the website. Fans had to say goodbye to iconic games like BOOBS BATTLEGROUND and Hentai Puzzle. It was only recently that Steam released a statement mentioning the reason for their recent action.

According to Steam’s blog, there are some people who are trying to make money out of selling some objects off Steam, which they want to stop. So, Steam removed 179 games with game-shaped objects.

The blog stated that people aren’t going to mention most of the games, which include Hentai Sokoban, MILF, Make Border Great Again!, Hentai 2048, and Hentai Sokoban. However, they will definitely miss the Achievement Hunter series because icon achievements were the best to date. All 32 games of the series are omitted. Some more games removed from the website include Logan vs KSI, Bitcoin Highway, and Rich Life Simulator VR.

Steam also mentioned that those who’ve bought the games already will still see it in their directory and can redownload it but it won’t show in the storefront. Check Steam Tools to know all the games that have been deleted from the store.

Change in regulations

In September 2018, Steam announced that they’ve introduced an Adults Only filter for games that have explicit sexual content. The blog also mentioned that Steam will take care of developers who are uploading the trolling content. They will also look into their banking information and their developer friends working on similar projects.

After collecting as much information as possible on the developer and the game, they’ll be put through a thorough assessment and ban people who don’t meet the requirement or violate the rule book. Steam wants people to know that it isn’t bad people who make bad games, so it is going to be more difficult for them. The website is going to try and get rid of low quality or crude games but wants people to understand that they are just people who want others to play their games, so they can earn some money.

If you see from a customer’s point of view, clearing up the storefront is positive because it had become very crowded over the recent months. They missed out on the good games, which isn’t fair to the developer who put so much efforts into making it. We hope that Steam introduces a stricter guideline so that this doesn’t happen in the future.

Did you already try out some of the games before they were removed? Do you back Steam’s move? Let us know in the comments below.

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