Why the Xbox is the Perfect Next-gen Console


The Xbox Series X/S was released around the same time as the PS5, and both machines have a lot going for them – fantastic exclusives, serious hardware, and instant access to a well-stocked online store. It’s genuinely hard to pick between the two of them, but we’ve found a few aspects that might just put the Xbox ahead. If anything from this list jumps out at you in particular, then the Xbox could be your perfect console.

Fantastic browser

The Xbox has an excellent browser, and although having a good browser on a console is such a small part of the experience, in this instance it really is a great addition. The Xbox browser is slightly superior to what the PS5 has to offer, and it means that you can enjoy a wider range of browser-based games, should you choose to play on the Xbox.

While it might not capture everyone’s attention, if you want to enjoy some online casino games on your console, this is the perfect way to do so. You can access a great range of top-class online casinos through your Xbox browser, making it easy for you to enjoy more gaming than ever on the Microsoft system.

Backwards compatibility

The Xbox’s backwards compatibility is arguably its greatest attribute. To get the true experience, the Series X is the one you should be aiming for here, but the Series S does still provide some great retro gaming options. For the purpose of this section, we’re going to be talking about the Series X, however, as it really is the best option available for those interested in retro gaming.

Firstly, the Xbox allows you to play a large number of your old games on it. So, you can use (and play) Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One discs on your Series X. While you will have to check to see exactly which games are compatible, there are well over 200 games that you will be able to play right out of the box.

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This gives the Xbox a generous advantage over the PS5, which only allows players to play older-generation games that have been downloaded from the store, which may require additional purchase. On top of this, there’s also a smaller selection of backwards-compatible titles available.

This is just the first stepping stone though. If you want to really take things up a notch, you can turn the Xbox Series X into an emulation powerhouse. You can emulate a wealth of consoles on the Series X, including the Nintendo Wii, and the system even allows for PS1 and PS2 games to be played.

Ironically, this means that the Xbox has better backwards compatibility for PlayStation games than the PS5 does. Of course, to legally emulate these games, you will have to own the original consoles and games – this won’t help you in terms of saving space around the house, but it will make it more convenient to play games from previous generations.

It does take a little bit of setting up in order to get emulation working on the Xbox, but once you’ve done it, it is extremely smooth. There’s coverage for a large range of different systems, and compatibility for games is higher than 90%. Some Wii and GameCube games can suffer from a little slowdown in places, and the native Wii controllers aren’t compatible yet, but the emulators are consistently under development, so it’s only a matter of time before they are available on Xbox.

If you love retro gaming, then this is definitely the console for you.

Game Pass

 The Xbox Game Pass is one of the best things about the Xbox, offering players access to an instant library of over 100 games. With the monthly cost being less than the price of a takeaway, it really is one of the best deals in the gaming industry.

Of course, the PS5 has PS Plus and PS Now, but both of these pale in comparison to what the Game Pass has to offer. What Microsoft has done exceptionally well with the Game Pass is to offer players the ability to enjoy new releases on day one, ensuring that players won’t have to continually pay full price for games when they come out.

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This really makes the Xbox the best console for players on a tight budget. Added to the console’s retro-capabilities, the Game Pass means that you can enjoy thousands of games without having to spend hundreds of dollars each month.

There’s an instant collection of fantastic Xbox games available to play right away when you have the Game Pass, covering every aspect of the gaming landscape. Action, FPS, RPG, sports and multiplayer are just some of the types of games you can expect to see here. In addition to the big-name franchises available, such as Fallout, Elder Scrolls and Halo, this selection is highly impressive.

What takes it up to the next level is the addition of the EA game service. Here, you will be able to play a vast selection of EA games, on top of what Microsoft has to offer. The Game Pass really does make the Xbox a must-buy console.


 This is a controversial pick, but hear us out. While it would be stupid to claim that the Xbox controller is technically on the same level as the PS5’s offering, there are some areas where the Xbox provides a better experience. Firstly, the Xbox controller has a better battery life than the PS5’s DualSense. It means that you won’t have to keep replacing your batteries when you play or keep charging your controllers. This might only be a minor issue, but if your PS5 is quite a distance away from your sofa, it can be annoying to play while your controller is plugged in.

Secondly, and this is a subjective one, we think that the Xbox controller fits into your hands more easily. Of course, this is personal preference, and regular PlayStation users might disagree completely.

If anything from this article sounds good to you, then the Xbox is almost certainly the device for you.

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