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Path of Exile

Path of Exile has been around for a hot minute. Just recently, they released their new and FREE Blight Expansion which focuses on the sensational tower defense mechanic to earn PoE orbs and PoE currency. Needless to say, a lot is going on in the game. If you’re thinking of turning away from this game because of the way it looks and feels, don’t do it! Path of Exile is a great ARPG that deserves the praise and accolades it gets from the online gaming community and we have five reasons for you to at least consider trying it out!

It’s Free

Who doesn’t like free games? Even better, who doesn’t like free games that are really good? While Path of Exile offers some optional microtransactions (they have to make money one way or the other after all), the game is completely free to download and play! Sure, it got off to a rough start when Grinding Gear Games first launched it, but with tons of tweaks, expansions, and feedback from players, the game has drastically improved and now holds the torch as the best ARPG to date. It has set the standard that every other game of the same genre should follow!

Tons of Content

If there’s one thing that Path of Exile is famous for, it’s the vast amount of content it has available. The game has been out for seven years now, which means that it’s packed full of great content. Although Grinding Gear Games has a reputation of sometimes rushing content (the Betrayal League is a great example of that) filled with glaring errors, the fact of the matter is you’ll be spoiled with so much stuff to do. Most of their expansions are top-notch, and you can easily sink your teeth into the endgame content for hours.

Awesome Developer Support

Grinding Gear Games, the game developer behind PoE, is dedicated to constantly improving their game. They’re always pushing for updates, from minor patches every month to big ones called Leagues. These Leagues offer brand new ways to play the game, new loot to discover, and new skins to collect. If that’s not enough to entice you into trying out Path of Exile, these Leagues come every 3-4 months! Grinding Gear Games seems to want to ensure that their beloved game lasts forever, so they consistently find unique ways to innovate upon what’s already there. There’s always something to look forward to!

Path of Exile 2

Guides are Always Available

Are you having trouble choosing which melee equipment to use? Or maybe you’re confused about the skill tree’s use? You can easily find guides all over the internet, thanks to the tight-knit Path of Exile community! Wiki builds are abundant and guides pop up almost every day. Whether it’s a YouTube video to help you with power leveling or in-depth written guides about all of the expansions, there are plenty of guides to make your exile in Wraeclast so much easier.

The Path of Exile community is insanely helpful, especially to newbies who are just figuring out the game. It’s hard to find fun games anymore as most are filled with toxicity (looking at League of Legends and DOTA 2). People will welcome you with open arms here, and if you’re coming from games that are plagued with toxic communities, you’ll be taken aback by how nice everyone is on PoE.

It’s Unique

In most ARPGs, you just pick a class and designate skill points to whichever stats you want to increase. Basically, you’re locked into a particular style of play. That’s not the case in Path of Exile. Skill and abilities are linked to skill gems that are socketed into your gear—from your helm down to your boots. Now, these gems will apply different abilities to your gear depending on which you choose. Path of Exile pushes players to personalize their characters with the help of the massive skill tree and hundreds of gems to choose from. No ARPG has ever implemented this kind of customization yet, making Path of Exile a unique experience unlike any other.

And those are our five reasons why you should start playing Path of Exile? So, have we convinced you to try and farm rare items such as PoE orbs and buy PoE currency for fun? If not, leave a comment down below and let us know why that’s the case!

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  1. This is my other half’s favorite game, to be honest the talent tree intimidates the crap out me so I’ve never taken it up but I may some day soon!

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