Wild Hearts Got a New Content Update

Wild Hearts Got a New Content Update

Hunting action Wild Hearts got a new update that introduced a variety of fixes and added new content to the game. Players are in for a new Alpha Kemono, new Weapons and Armor Set, Trial Quests and much more.

The new Alpha Sapscourge variant rolls into Harugasumi Way with new weapons, an armor set, and a new earring ornament modeled after the mysterious Tsukumo, all made from Alpha Sapscourge materials. After completing the main story quest, you’ll be tasked with dispatching the Sapscourge in a new Side Stories quest called “Alpha Amber Rogue”.

While on a new Trial quest, hunters will be required to take on Kemono equipped with predefined armor, skills, and weapons. Test your skills as a hunter within these spartan constraints to see how swiftly you can triumph. Trial Quests will be added to Chapters 4 and 5. Additionally, Quests featuring specific Volatile Kemono have also been added from Chapter 3 to Side Stories.

Last but not least, weapons and armor can now have their Attribute power and Resiliency enhanced, respectively. Inherent Skills are also able to be changed or added. Find out more about the new content here.

When it comes to fixes, the developers have shared a pretty detailed list of changes. You can find the patch notes in their entirety by visiting the game’s Steam page. Here are some notable changes:

  • The attribute values of weapons and the resilience of armor can now be enhanced through the Limit Break system.
  • An option to change Inherent Skills has been added to the Limit Break system. Inherent Skills can be added and replaced by consuming materials. This option will be unlocked after completing the main storyline and after you acquire your first Core Orbs.
  • Added quests featuring specific Volatile Kemono.
  • Added a new “Karakuri Activation while holding the Sprint button/key” setting. When enabled, Karakuri can only be activated while holding the sprint button/key.


Wild Hearts provides players with a unique twist on the monster-hunting genre. You will be using technology to fight against ferocious beasts of all sizes. Take on these creatures alone or hunt with friends in seamless co-op.

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