Monster Hunter World – Wildspire Waste Trailer

Wildspire Waste Gameplay Trailer

The Youtube page of Monster Hunter: World has been updated with a brand new video dedicated to the Wildspire Waste. Some of its surroundings can be familiar to players from the E3 2017 trailer, but this video takes it to a whole new level.

Without any additional words, dive right into the trailer above. If you found it interesting, you can also check out the Ancient Forest gameplay footage.

More about Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter: World sees players take on the role of a hunter that completes various quests to hunt and slay monsters within a lively living and breathing eco-system full of predators…. and prey.

Players are able to utilize survival tools such as the slinger and Scoutfly to aid them in their hunt. By using these skills to their advantage hunters can lure monsters into traps and even pit them against each other in an epic fierce battle.

Monster Hunter: World comes to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One early 2018, with a PC version coming at a later date. You can find out more on the official site.

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