Will Developers Keep Pushing Mobile First Video Games in 2020?

Mobile First Video Games

Not so long ago, everyone knew that if you wanted to play the best games, you needed a high-powered computer or a cool console like the Xbox or PlayStation. The gameplay and software were “resource hungry”, meaning loads of memory and the latest processing power and graphics cards were required.

Then things began to change with the relentless march of the smartphone. Where once, a few games were available on a mobile device, now you can play in-depth, thematic games that are amazing quality.

As cell technology continues to develop at an alarming pace, and with their sales continuing to grow, there’s no way the developers of video or casino games are going to ignore them. If anything, expect even more new releases than ever, just for mobile technology.

The Rise in Mobile Online Casinos

As scams.info’s Nicholas Crouch points out, the best mobile casinos in the UK are turning mobile because it has become clear people now like to play on the go. iGaming software developers have been aware of the trend for some time, and even the most intricate video slot game now works perfectly on a cell. You can even play live dealer games from your sofa.

If you like to play slots or casino table games on the go, make sure you use a site that is licensed and regulated.

Video Games to Watch Out For in 2020

It’s not just improved graphics and sound that is elevating the gaming experience on mobile devices. There’s augmented reality, like Pokemon Go, and advances in cloud-based systems to improve workload.

Developers are eager to take advantage in 2020, so what are some of the cool new mobile games we’re expecting?

League of Legends: Wild Rift

Developers Riot Games has revealed the latest version of the multiplayer, online battle arena game will be released on IOS and Android next year. While the look and feel will be familiar to fans of the franchise, we’re promised a new map and punchier games of between 15 and 20 minutes each.

Stranger Things

Much like Pokemon Go, the Stranger Things game will use augmented reality, so that you can interact with it in the course of your normal day. Of course, as fans of the hit Netflix show will know, this game will have a more sinister and nostalgic feel to it and cute Pokemon characters.

Pokemon Sleep

Talking of the adorable animated characters, Nintendo is now taking them to a new level with Pokemon Sleep. Always looking to innovate, the developers are using this platform to track your sleep, allowing you to wake up with a Pokemon every morning. It’s probably not everyone’s cup of tea, but never write off Pokemon.

Eve: Echoes

Eve: Echoes is a game for Android based on the popular space massively multiplayer online. With a whole universe to explore, it’s likely to be a massive game with colossal space battles. The game is currently going through rounds of testing, so watch this space (no pun intended).

EVE Echoes

Shadowgun War Games

An exciting multiplayer shooter from Madfinger games, Shadowgun War Games will be released on IOS and Android. It’s a 5×5 capture the flag battle concept, with each game character having its own weapons and abilities. Expect strategy to come into play between teammates.

Super Meat Boy Forever

Originally, we expected this to be just a mobile version of the Super Meat Boy game. However, we’re now led to believe it will be a full-blown sequel for your cell. There could be thousands of levels to play through, enough to keep you entertained for most of 2020!

The Power of Social Media

We’ve already mentioned the amazing technical capabilities of mobile-first games, but there’s one more reason why developers love the medium: social media.

Everyone knows the power of social media, where a video, game or meme can go viral quickly. Just about everyone uses their cell to access their social media accounts, so the chances of someone being intrigued to try a mobile game because another user has shared a post about it is much higher.

Roll on 2020

With that all being said, it’s clear that 2020 is going to be another year of top mobile gaming. Video game and iGaming developers are investing more than ever in a medium that isn’t going to fade away. If anything, mobile gaming will one day be the norm.

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  1. Thank you for this very informative article about the future of mobile gaming in 2020 and beyond. It seems that every year smartphones and mobile gaming is catching up to regular console gaming. Soon the game-play and graphics of mobile will begin to equal or even surpass the Sony PlayStation or the Xbox. All this will just mean more choice for gamers. I love gaming myself.

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