Will Overwatch 2 Be a Big Esports Hit?

Overwatch 2

The Overwatch video game is an interesting and highly entertaining multiplayer first-person shooter video game that was created, developed, and published by Blizzard Entertainment. The first version of the video game was released way back in the May of 2016 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The release of the video game for Nintendo Switch was done on October 15th, 2019.

It is a highly-stylized game that is team-based featuring 6 sets of shooters set on a near-future Earth. Every match scene features an intense multiplayer showdown that pits a diverse cast of heroes, scientists, mercenaries, and adventurers against each other. Overwatch is a team-based first-person shooter that pits 6 teams against a group of other 6 teams that emphasizes completing objectives rather than skill scoring. However, eliminations help teams to be able to finish their mission easily. It is a game that features three distinct game modes which are; Assault, Control, and Escort. The two sets of antagonists (featuring 6 teams against the other 6 teams) face off on one of the 30 unique maps which are customized around a specific game mode.

There are unique characters in the game that number over 20 which can be selected by the team members and played. These characters are also referred to as heroes and each has its own capabilities, play styles, ultimate’s as well as their pros and cons. It must be noted though that the game’s characters or heroes fall into four distinct roles: offense, defense, tank, and support.

Overwatch is one of Blizzard Entertainment’s major video games that the company has released to players worldwide. The idea of creating it was born after another multiplayer online role-playing project game known as Titan was canceled in 2014. Part of the team that worked on the canceled Titan project then came forward with the concept of Overwatch. There are in fact certain elements found in Overwatch that were borrowed from the canceled Titan project.

Overwatch is much more interesting compared to other online video games in the sense that players have the ability to switch heroes on the fly mid-game. This means strategies can be changed quite easily and in an instant.

There is a second version of Overwatch billed as Overwatch 2 that is expected to be launched for the lovers of the game, find out more about it below.


About The Overwatch 2 Game and Related Betting Strategies On It

Speculation about the release of Overwatch 2 had been around in 2019 before Blizzard Entertainment finally confirmed the expected launch with an announcement at Blizzcon. The video game is expected to be more exciting and jam-packed with lots of enhanced features. The game will now feature new co-op modes, new maps, and heroes with customization meaning that it will be a big esports hit in the industry.

Going by the announcement of the expected enhancement of the scenes that will characterize Overwatch 2, it will offer a perfect opportunity for online bettors to try their luck with it. There will be several opportunities for punters to take advantage and bet on Overwatch. Contrary to popular belief that online betting is hard, betting on online video games such as Overwatch is usually simpler than most first-time bettors may think. The ease of accessing play and watching it in general, coupled with the availability of betting markets, makes it incredibly easy for punters to place best value wagers on their favorite teams quite easily.

There are so many world-class online betting sites that offer the latest value betting markets on the Overwatch League and Overwatch World Cup Matches. The best thing is that such websites also offer generous bonuses and promotions to their customers. Strategic bettors can thus take advantage of such opportunities and offerings by the leading online betting websites to place wagers on Overwatch esports.

Available Overwatch Esports Bet Types

Betting on Overwatch video game matches is just much similar to the other esports available at popular betting sites. Users can simply log in to their accounts at their favorite bookmarkers and then view the list of available markets for the latest overwatch esports events on the sportsbook esports section. Odds offered by the betting site is usually dependent on a team’s recent performance and results, however, this may vary depending on sportsbooks.

Below are the types of bets that can be placed on Overwatch esports:

  • Match winner – it is the main type of bet that can be placed on Overwatch esports. It involves placing the bet on the outcome/result of the match.
  • Handicap – this one involves placing a bet on whether a team with the handicap advantage or disadvantage will win the match.
  • Outright winner – it is yet another common type of bet that can be placed on Overwatch esports. It involves betting on the overall winner of the specific overall winners of the tournament – these are not individual matches but the entire tourney at hand.

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