Will You Bail Or Jail In Konami’s Free Demo

Konami Digital Entertainment B.V. just released a demo for upcoming multiplayer party title Jail or Bail.

Available for a five finger discount now over on the official Steam Store. The brand-new demo for upcoming party game Jail or bail is something of a teaser for the chaos that is likely to ensue sometime in the future. When this uniquely animated creation breaks out into the wide world, it will pit a team of human characters against a lone monster that is hunting them down. Playing as either of these sides, players will find themselves placed into a 3 minute tag battle with more than few twists. Giving each player, and the big bad monster their own skills, Bail or Jail aims to put players in their place, behind bars. If competitors are able to avoid that fate, then they’ll come out victorious.

Mixing Dead by Daylight style asymmetric gameplay with a cute fairytale aesthetic, jail or Bail introduces its Demon World with this new demo and a teaser trailer. Players who like the look of the trailer can pick up the demo and try out the title’s cops and robbers mechanics and get to know some of the characters. The demo will introduce Alisa and Alex, the sibling duo on the human team, and Patches, one of the monster characters coming to the game. Once introductions are over, you’ll have three minutes to either run and hide, or simply glide through walls hunting for some prey.

While we don’t have a release date quite yet, we do know that free is always the best price, so why not get ready to run and try out Bailor jail on the official Steam Store page now.

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