Win A Copy Of Dreadstar: The Quest For Revenge

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Win A Copy Of Dreadstar

Win a copy of Dreadstar, the space based shooter from Augmented Irreality that’s perfect for retro shooter fans, in our latest competition.

Set far in the future, or sometime in the past depending on your take, Dreadstar is an old school top down shooter that has recently blown its way onto PC. Now we’ve got an opportunity for you to win a copy of this blistering adventure and a chance to save the universe from some truly terrifying alien menaces. Channelling all the retro sass of the best 90’s arcade shooters, Dreadstar plunges players into a space fight cockpit and accelerates through six replayable sectors full of gorgeous pixel art and plenty of ever more powerful challenges.

Along the way, you’ll be able to upgrade any of this fleet’s 4 different ships and 10 different weapons, giving the entire game something of an RPG progression loop. As you blow through the kick-ass chiptune soundtrack and lovingly fling your arms around the CRT monitor mode, Dreadstar is likely to bring back memories of Tyrian, Raiden and Donpachi, and is great preparation for the upcoming launch of Everspace 2 in our opinion For those of you that don’t have those battle scars yet, then this is a perfect precursor to even more old school arcades.

How To Win

To win one of 8 available copies of Dreadstar on PC you can head down to the widget below and enter your email address. We will be drawing our new pilots soon, so get in before Monday 18 January at 00.00 PST to secure your place at the galactic frontier with a copy of DreadStar on PC.



For anybody who can’t wait that long Dreadstar is already out on PC and comes I at the reasonable price of £7.99 or local equivalent. You can check out more over on the official Dreadstar Steam Store page now.

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