Win A Ride In A Volta-X Robot This Weekend


Volta-X is coming to PC and Nintendo Switch on 12 August but before anybody goes stomping out into battle, you can pick up an advanced preview key for this weekend.

Ok, so technically we’re not anywhere near a fully functioning mecha, so we can’t get you in the robot quite yet. However, anybody who loves their giant chrome plated anime and pet battling Pokémon brawlers might be interested in taking Volt-x for a test drive during this weekend’s limited preview. Gamespace has 200 codes available for pilots who want to try out Volta-X ahead of launch.

Set to run between 7 August, 5 p.m. to 8 August, 9 p.m. PDT for and on PC only, the Volta-X limited preview will let players craft their own Volta robot as they work through a progressive customization system with thousands of unique combinations, battle against others online in Volta-X’s frenetic real-time combat, and dive into the story, setting the stage for what’s to come. To grab a code just enter your email address into the form below and get ready to bash some chrome skulls.



If you haven’t heard of Volta-X before then check out some of our previous posts. Volt-X is a real-time strategy RPG, where players control a crew of animal pilots and a massive robotic mecha. Taking on monstrous kaiju or other Volta robots in a range of PvE and PvP competitions, players can take a huge variety of custom load outs into the ring. Anything from heat sabers, massive drills, acid launchers, and more make your robot unique. There’s plenty of room for strategy in this competition, with players commanding their crew to power-up weapons, repair their Volta, or extinguish fires as things progress. With cute graphics, tons of options and a little more to chose from than the average brawler, Volta-X might be worth a look before it lands on Nintendo Switch and PC on 12 August. Find out more before you go into battle at the official Volta-X website.

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