Win An Unreal Prize In Our Blade & Soul Grandmaster Pack Giveaway

Win An Unreal Prize In Our Blade & Soul Grandmaster Pack Giveaway

Blade & Soul is back better than ever with an Unreal 4 update. To celebrate this new look MMORPG, we have Blade & Soul Grandmaster Packs worth $39.99 each to give away.

Blade & Sul might have launched back in 2012 but this long-standing MMORPG has seen us through years of furious action. From the Hongmoon school through to the deadliest dark realms, warriors and martial art maestros around the globe have experienced an expansive world. No matter how good a game is, however, time is a deadly enemy. Thankfully Blade & Soul’s recent Unreal 4 upgrade renders this online adventure in a brand new look. More detail is available here, but upgraded graphics, improved performance, as well as a number of other quality of life enhancements have been live since September 2021. Now we’re looking to give players a high kicking leg up.

Whether you are returning after a long absence or a long suffering pupil of the Hongmoon school, you can enter to win one of 20 Grandmaster Packs. These packs will give players an edge with a ton of extra loot to make you look your best and premium game time to help speed up your ascent to victory in Blade & Soul.

Grandmaster Pack
  • 90-day Premium Membership
  • Exclusive Character Title
  • Crickets Bundle
  • Master Hong’s Bundle
  • Character Alteration
  • Galaxy Wing
  • Additional Slot Voucher

if you want to win a grandmaster Pack just enter your email below. No tweets, shares, or creating six different accounts. Just get in to win. We’re keeping this open until 3O October so get in to win!


If you can’t wait that long to return to Blade & Soul then check out the returning player guide on NCSoft’s official website and play blade & Soul for free on PC now.

How to Redeem Your Code

Create a new NCSOFT Account or login to your existing NCSOFT Account.
Log into your NCSOFT Account, go to the “Apply a Code” section, enter your Blade & Soul media codes and press “Activate.”
You will receive a confirmation email when your code has been applied.
Log in to Blade & Soul and begin the character creation process, and there will be the option to boost the character during the creation process.

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