Win Sublevel Zero Redux On Nintendo Switch

Sublevel Zero Redux

Head into the depths of space, fight for the future and get six levels of freedom as Sublevel Zero Redux hits Nintendo Switch. This retro homage to everything that made Descent great is a neon blitz of action and you can win a copy. Check out our review and get in your very own space fighter. Enter our competition to win a digital copy of this game.


Sublevel Zero redux puts players in charge of a lone space fighter. Searching the cosmos for advanced tech and answers to the galaxy’s slow spiral into oblivion, you find yourself trapped in a facility with no way out but through. With a ramshackle space fighter at your disposal, the only way out is through. You must battle through the tight corridors and 360 degrees of combat to find your freedom.

Designed by Sigtrap Games and brought to the Nintendo Switch by Coatsink, those owners of the Phogs and bakers of Cake Bash, this homage to everything Descent is everything fans of the 1990 space shooter will love, and more. A procedural level system, crafting, and a hardcore roguelike approach means that this retro throwback isn’t going to go down without an adequate amount of blaster fire. It’s not all hardcore firefights, however. Some gorgeous high def graphics tip the space helmet to Descent without making the entire thing feel old. For your chance to grab a digital copy of this title, all you have to do is enter the competition below. There is just under a week to get in and grab entries.

Don’t worry if you don’t win. Sublevel Zero Redux is out right now on the Nintendo eShop and you can shoot up some ships across a number of other platforms too. For more information on this space FPS, head over to the official Sublevel Zero Redux website to get a mission briefing.


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