Win With A Maplestory M Giveaway And The New Xenon Update

Just over a week ago Maplestory M, the mobile MMORPG from Nexon, launched a new Xenon update. To celebrate, we’ve got a superb prize pack to give away in our Maplestory M giveaway.

While some of you might not be briefed on Maplestory M, Nexon’s cutest small screen MMO brings all the fun and friends of Maplestory to mobiles. Launched back in 2018, it’s just passed 2 years old and capped off more than 16 million downloads already. Now players on iOS and Android can try out the brand new Xenon class.

The newest adventurer in Maplestory M’s side scrolling world has the unique ability to equip both Thief and Pirate gear while burning up Mana and a class-specific energy supply for skill based combat, all while clutching an ominous energy whip that can cut through nearly anything. Even if you’re jumping into Maplestory M for the first time, Xenons can craft their very own Android companions, allowing them to show off equipped gear and outfits while they are off to take on Commander Hilla, a new boss with Normal, Hard, and Chaos difficulties.

But Where’s The Loot?

To celebrate the launch of this new whip wielding class in Maplestory M, Nexon has given us some loot to give away in our own Maplestory M giveaway. Entering the competition below, you could win the following prize pack:

  • 5000 mAh power bank with charging cable featuring the brand new Xenon class
  • A multi use charging cable ( good for almost all mobile gaming platforms that you might also use to make phone calls)
  • A sleek carry case to keep your bits safe from harm
  • A stainless steel tumbler featuring Xenon artwork
  • A Notebook and pen emblazoned with the same cool Xenon logos

Don’t worry, you won’t need to fight nearly as hard to make us drop loot as you might with Commander Hilla. Instead, all you need to do is pop down and enter the competition below. There are a few restrictions. The competition will end on 22 February and this is open to residents of the US only.

For anybody who hasn’t picked up MapleStory M yet, this free to play MMORPG from Nexon is just as delightful as the big screen Maplestory. The latest Xenon class update added a ton of new fixes, features, and some time limited events to get you start4d on your quest. Between now and mid March, you can still take part in the Xenon Growth Support Event and the Xenon Burning Project Event, both of which should earn you tons of weapons, armor, potions, and EXP to get up to speed.

While we might be busy praising the authentic port of other flashy MMORPGs of late, Maplestory M leans on the simplicity of the core Maplestory experience to bring a joyous on the go experience to iOS and Android. Check out all the times for the new Xenon events and find out about Maplestory M over at the official website now.


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