Windjammers Blows onto PlayStation this August

Windjammers is back, y'all.

Wimbledon is over. Put down the strawberries and cream. You’ll need both hands for this summer competition when Windjammers comes to PlayStation on August 29.

Originally released by Data East on the SNK Neo Geo console, and then the Wii virtual console, Windjammer’s return to console gaming was first announced at Sony’s 2016 PlayStation Experience. Now, Arnaud De Sousa, Marketing Manager at DotEmu games, has confirmed that we will see this title arrive on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita platforms imminently.

Six different playable characters, each with their own set of skills, six environments, and five game modes all return in August while DotEmu drags this fighting frisbee game, kicking and punching, into the competitive arena. Online Versus mode will, for the first time, let competitors test their mettle in ranked play on Windjammer’s PlayStation debut. After extensive beta testing the team at DotEmu has ironed out any kinks in the GGPO net code and it’s time to get ranked. So, warm up your throwing arm and get ready for competitive cross between Pong and Street Fighter. New balls please!

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