Winds of Change Review for PC

User Rating: 9
Winds of Change Review

Winds of Change is a new visual novel from Tall Tail Studios that gives a new fantasy world to delve into for the player. It features choices, connections with multiple characters, voice acting, great art and everything wrapped up in an anthropomorphic (furry) world. I enjoyed my time spent exploring the world and think you might too, this is our PC review of Winds of Change.


Winds of Change at its core is a visual novel telling a story of loss, betrayal, love and epic adventure. I played as the “Seer” who the story revolves around. I had my choice of male or female but no discerning characteristics as you typically don’t see much of your main character in a visual novel. While the main story can be followed in a normal manner like, throughout the game, you will have chances in some areas to talk more to the people in your party or to see little side stories that pop up to give you more lore and backstory to the game. This was a nice touch as it helped to get you more involved in the world and to care more for some characters. These side stories are completely optional but are worth it for all the extra story and to learn more of the various people who are part of the story in a whole. While there were some common tropes in Winds of Change, I thought the story evolved at a good pace and was a great read and not only kept me entertained but interested in the world and everyone in it.

Aside from the great story, Winds of Change features some gorgeous artwork. The backgrounds have fit the setting perfectly and add color and depth to the world which is done by Chase Emilio. The characters both good and bad are all well-drawn and look great. From their costumes to their facial expression during dialogue events, it all matches fairly well. The character artwork is done by artist Azoth and they did a great job helping to bring this world to life with their work. This art and the world is further enhanced by the music in the game which helps to immerse you further.

Winds of Change ended up going full tilt by having full voice work. You run the gambit here with some extraordinary work that is above and beyond for an indie title and really helps to sale the story and their character. Of course, which that much voice work needed with a project that was funded via Kickstarter with a smaller studio you have some not so stellar voice work as well. This does detract from the game a bit and makes some moments and or characters less fun to interreact with. But the fact that there is so much voice work done for this title is great and makes it stand out in a genre (visual novels) that has a glut of work out there.

More often than not if talk to someone about a cartoon visual novel one of the first questions is, is it adult in nature. It’s great that Winds of Change has taken a stance to not include adult scenes of sexual encounters but to give its story and characters adult themes. Throughout the game, you can make changes to a situation depending on your choice and stance on something growing your character to be more empathetic or cold to situations which reflects how others may treat you. You can also grow closer to other characters in a romantic fashion. Winds of Change is LGBTQIA+ friendly.

A PC/Steam game key was given for review purposes.

Overall Winds of Change is a great game especially for those who love Visual Novels and or enjoy a story/dating sim set in an LGBTQIA+ friendly furry world. It features no adult content aside from its themes of war and combat and being adult in its openness in relationships. Having so much voice work in the game is both a plus and minus as some actors were great and sold the story well, while others made you want to perhaps skip their content. The artwork was prenominal and further helps to immerse you into the world. The game can be played out in about 16 or so hours depending on how much of the side story you look into and how much time you spend talking to your party. For those who have always been curious about Visual Novels and what they bring to the video game table, Winds of Change is a great first step into that world. It's currently on Steam for $19.99 USD.
  • Great artwork
  • Great story with choices and character relationship development
  • Fully voiced
  • LGBTQIA+ friendly visual novel
  • While fully voiced, some voices aren’t that great
  • While there are a lot of choices, some felt meaningless at times
  • This is set in a world with furry characters and isn’t for everyone

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