Winkeltje: The Little Shop Is Out Now

Developer Sassybot released the indie simulator Winkeltje: The Little Shop on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PlayStation. Now anyone can try to build, decorate and run your very own old-world fantasy shop. Prepare to craft, buy low, sell high, keep the stock of your inventory, make profit and become the shop owner extraordinaire.

The game features tons of different furniture options when it comes to furnishing, from tables and display shelves to counters and storage pallets and crafting stations. Expertly place decorations to impress your customers and sell more!

When you have enough wealth, you can expand your shop: decide the shop’s floor plan and where to place doors, windows, or archways, increase the size of your store and make it more appealing, having all the items on sale & combine different wall and floor tiles to your heart’s desire.

Be prepared for customers’ needs to change with each new season. Random events can affect the supply and demand of goods and might give you an extra challenge (or a tidy profit if you play your cards right).

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A lover of all things RPG and TBS, Catherine is always looking for a new fantasy world to get lost in.

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