Winterfest Arrives for Steep as Season Pass DLC or Stand-Alone Purchase

Winterfest has arrived just in the nick of time for Steep players. As temperatures rise in the northern half of the world, a wintery escape is just the right thing. The DLC is part of the Steep Season Pass as well as a stand-alone purchase for $11.99.

Winterfest & what it brings

The new content adds to Steep beyond the Alps and Alaska. Players were previously able to adventure on skis, snowboards, wingsuits as well as paragliders. Now, however, the fun has just begun with the addition of a winter sled to bring new meaning to “shoot down the slopes”.

The festival also brings a pretty awesome yeti boss into the Alps, appropriately named The Beast. To get to him, players will need to take part in some pretty cool new mini-games including catching balloons while in a wingsuit, dressing as a “goat-eating” dinosaur or avoiding enemy fire while racing down the mountain.

The festival also brings more crazy costumes and equipment to the world of Steep. DLC owners will be able to access exclusive themed costumes and equipment including a dinosaur costume, banana costume, sumo suit, swimsuit, and superhero costume. The in-game shop will also be updated to include new costumes and equipment available to all players.

The new DLC is available for all platforms including XBox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

It sounds like it’s pretty COOL content, doesn’t it? You can learn more on the Steep site.

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