Wipe Day Has Come to Escape from Tarkov


Escape from Tarkov is a highly additive hardcore first player looter/shooter title that has just gone through its next wipe. Everyone is back to square one and is ready for the grind to begin again. For some it will be easy, for some it won’t, but there are new areas on Lighthouse and more to come for players new and old.

Lighthouse Island is now open and ready to be explored. With new guns, new character animations, and new sounds all around, it will feel like a new game mixed with the old. Footsteps on different types of materials now sound completely different than they did previously making it sound more realistic and less similar to other materials.

I have yet to venture onto the island for Lighthouse yet, but I am hearing good things even from the water treatment area with new tunnels. There are new Rogue bosses roaming around and they travel between the maps, so be careful where you go.

With all the changes that have occurred you will want to read up on the patch notes listed here for more details about what has been added and changed recently. With all of these new changes it should be an interesting wipe, and they haven’t even implemented everything that originally had planned yet.

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Long time game enthusiast and writer. I have beta tested a lot of Mmorpg's since I was thirteen including Star Wars Galaxies, Lord of the Rings Online, and Star Wars The Old Republic. Currently attending The Art Institute of Pittsburgh for a degree in Game Art and Technology.

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