Witch It Leaves Early Access And Gets Hunting

Witch It, the spooky hide and seek adventure from Barrel Roll games, flies out of Early Access today.

Originally cast into Early Access in 2017, Witch It leaves Early Access today at 6PM BST / 7PM CEST. The full1.0 version will be launch on Steam for £15.99GBP / €19.99EUR / $28.95AUD and receives a substantial update that adds a bunch of all-new maps, abilities and numerous props for the spooky season,

Witch It is a multiplayer game of hide and seek that seem fittingly themed for fans of this spooky season, Unleashing a coven of witches across a range of 15 official maps, gamers getting on their broomstick must take on the role of Witch or Hunter as they hunt and/or hide from their opponents. Each side of this magical game has its own abilities. Witches have the option to mimic almost anything in the landscape, switching between different props at will and casting a range of spells to fool their foes and stay alive under the eager gaze of any hunters. Anybody taking the role of hunter comes with a range of gadgets to aid them in their own witch hunt, from a loyal tracking chicken to AOE damage abilities.

Extra Hiding Places

The latest content update for this multiplayer launch brings two brand new magical witch forest maps, a variety of decorative items for witches and hunters as well as a series of extra challenges. Additionally, both classes will each receive a new unique ability, to offer players new gameplay possibilities. Last but not least, bug fixes and many improvements, including new SFX and atmospheric music, make for a more vivid and entertaining game.

This utterly silly scarefest comes with five game modes including Hide & Seek, Mobification and Hunt a Hag all to keep you entertained. If you can’t head out to trick or treat this season then maybe Witch It is just right. Check out more about Witch It and brew up some fun over on the official Steam Store page, before you try out some of the other upcoming Halloween in game events.

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