Witcher 3 – Hunting With Shields In 8k Resolution

A month ago Nexus Mods for Witcher 3: Wild Hunt received an interesting mod by ScoutBr0 that added usable shields to the gameHowever,  it is far more than yet another cosmetic mod. This one actually affects the gameplay:

Shields can be used in combat for blocking incoming attacks, arrows and giving an extra resistance to heavy-hitting attacks. Geralt only blocks from the front using the shields, so you can get hit by an arrow from behind. There are shields from every faction from the game, from Skellige shields to Ofieris shields and Toussaint shields.

The author also suggests another mod that allow players to use shields while on horseback and climbing.

In other Witcher 3 related news, Kotaku posted a video from Thirty VR of the game running 60 FPS at 8k resolution. You can see what monster of a machine could support the game in such quality and check out the video above.

If you want to watch the clip in 8K, you need to select “4320p60″ from YouTube’s quality settings, though be warned, for most people your device will struggle to even play the video at that resolution.

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