With Poly Bridge 2, Building Bridges is an Art

Dry Cactus has announced that Poly Bridge 2 is now available for PC players via both Steam and the Epic Games Store. PB2 is a follow up to the original game that has sold over three million copies to date. The game can be purchased for a very reasonable $14.99.

PB2 contains some unique features including the ability for streamers and their fans to work cooperatively to build the best and/or the worst bridges ever. Players will also find a plethora of new levels, a custom physics engine, new workshop campaigns, leaderboards, improved sandbox mechanics, and much more.

“Relax to the soothing new soundtrack as you try, and retry, to keep your bridges standing long enough to get to the other side. Pinch every penny and cut every corner to edge your way up the separate verified Unbreaking and Unrestricted leaderboards. Create, upload, and play a never-ending variety of levels in Sandbox or Workshop. Challenge yourself, friends, and the world with your own puzzles.”

Check out the Poly Bridge 2 official site to learn more.

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