The Wizards Leaves Early Access March 8th

“You’re (Literally) a Wizard, Harry!”

Carbon Studio announces a departure date for Early Access for their upcoming action adventure VR experience, The Wizards. To celebrate this occasion, they created a Mixed Reality trailer to inspire would-be casters.

The Wizards puts the player in the arcane robes of a powerful spellcaster and features a unique casting system with leveling progression. This system uses the player’s own hand gestures to perform the conjuring of fire, lightning, and another element for their combat needs.

In the seven months of Early Access, the developers introduced new content, spells, enemy types, and levels, more than doubling the size of the game from original Early Access release. In its final update, The Wizards will receive three new story chapters – including a massive boss battle and a Master Enchanting system. Master Enchanting will allow players to access alternate versions of spells by completing in-game feats.

The Wizards will be available on Steam and the Oculus Store on March 8th for $20 USD. After this release, Carbon Studio will be working toward a Playstation VR version which will be released later this year.

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