WNBA to Debut in NBA Live 2018 – Thanks, EA!


EA Sports announced earlier this week that the WNBA is coming to NBA Live 2018! That’s some great news for fans of the women’s professional teams!

WNBA & NBA Live 2018

EA Sports is showing its more inclusive side. Recently, women’s teams were added to both FIFA 2016 and FIFA 2017. With women’s teams joining NBA Live 2018, that effort grows just a bit more.

Women’s teams will be part of the “Play Now” exhibition mode as well as available online and offline. However, female players will not be part of career mode or able to play against male teams. While disappointing, it’s a start.

More than a few current players have been “head scanned” for the game including Diana Taurasi, Kelsey Plum and Maya Moore. EA has indicated that more players will be added over time.

According to the most current information, NBA Live 2018 is the exclusive home of the WNBA. Whether or not female players representing the league will turn up in NBA 2K18 from Take Two remains to be seen.

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