Wolfenstein II DLC Expansion Released – The Deeds of Captain Wilkins

Remember when the Nazis controller Alaska?  Me either, but if you are a Wolfenstein II fan, MachineGames will now allow you to travel to a Nazi-Controlled Alaska as Captain Gerard Wilkins. As the third Wolfenstein II expansion, you’ll be armed with an experimental battlewalker device which is poised for mayhem as you aim to stop the Nazis and their new super weapon named the Sun Gun.


The Deeds of Captain Wilkins will be the third and final installment in what is known as the Freedom Chronicles Trilogy and is available for 9.99 as a standalone DLC or, for those wanting to experience the entire trilogy, the Season Pass, normally 29.99 is only 14.99 on steam right now.  The previous two installments of the Freedom Chronicles, The Diaries of Agent Silent Death and The Adventures of Gunslinger Joe throw you into stories and take you to places not yet experienced in Wolfenstein, with frantic FPS gameplay that will keep you entertained with killing Nazis for hours. Check out our Wolfenstein II review here.


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