Women’s Esports League Season 1 Finals Talent Line-Up

In 2018, non-profit organization Female Legends and esports platform Challengermode have collaborated to bring forth Women’s Esports League, Europe’s largest esports league for women. 74 all-female esports teams from a variety of European countries have competed in the first season, and now there is less than a week to go until the finals.

The final will be played at the gaming festival Nordsken on the 1st of June. The teams will be competing for the WEL Season 1 title and a prize pool of €5000, in Counter-strike: Global Offensive and League of Legends. These professional female teams together with the incredible lineup of casters and hosts are going to give us a historic final to remember.

Challengermode and Female Legends have announced the casters and hosts who will be guiding us through the event:

  • League of Legends: Michelle “Missyeru” D’Antonio & Georgia “Troubleinc” Paraskevopoulou
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: Jessica “Jess” Bolden and Jana “JayJigsaw” Wolf

Therese “Szanto” Szanto is a professional CSGO and Overwatch player. She is joining us at the gaming festival Nordsken the 1st of June to host the first WEL final.

Jana Wulff, also known as “JayJigsaw”, is a German caster who has been casting several years for the German CS:GO Community. Jana will join us on the 1st of June to cast the WEL 2019 final in Counter-strike: Global Offensive.

Check out the original article for their comments and to learn more about Female Legends, Challengermode or WEL.

“We are of course very happy and proud to announce the lineup for this event. More than anything I am extremely pleased to see the wide range of female talents dedicating their time to being a part of Women’s Esports League and Female Legends have done a tremendous job making this final happen.” — Johan Bengtsson, Challengermode

“It’s been a dream for me to work on the Women’s Esports League — this is exactly the kind of initiative I would’ve loved to take part in when I was younger. There are other leagues and tournaments for women, but it’s rarer to have an all-women on-camera talent team! I am certain we’ll deliver a great show for you all, and fingers crossed — maybe some of our players or teams will play in the big open divisions soon!”— Anna Kärrstrand, Digital Productions Lead, Female Legends.

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