Wonder Boy? How about Wonder Girl?

An equal opportunity adventure...

Due out April 18th, Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap is a reimagined, fully faithful recreation of the SEGA Master System platformer. There’s even a button to switch between the sleek hand-drawn visuals and the original 8-Bit stylings. But what’s more? You can play as Wonder Boy or Wonder Girl in the upcoming adventure. Wonder Boy is launching on 4/18 for the Switch, PS4, XBox One and later this Spring on PC too.

Are you ready to relive the fantasy?

From the Wonder Girl press release:

Over the past few months we’ve showcased the various half-animal, playable characters, along with the popular Retro Feature and now it’s time to reveal the Human hero: Along with Wonder Boy in his classic form, you can now play as the totally awesome, totally radical Wonder Girl.

Bringing the game to a new, larger audience the remake of the classic includes many improvements – one of which is a female character who is just as strong, just as fierce as the titular male hero.

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