Work From Home And Game All Day. It’s The Philips 34E1C5600HE

34E1C5600HE monitor

Philips just announced the 34E1C5600HE, a long name for a brand new 34 inch curved display built to do a day in the office and maybe deal with some different tasks at night.

We’ve been pretty consistent with our Philips monitor reviews, saying that the Philips Momentum series of displays are perfect for the home office by day and game room by night. Now it looks like the monitor manufacturer is leaning hard into this concept with a multipurpose monitor called the 34E1C5600HE. Due to hit shelves in July 2022 for around £479 or local equivalent, the latest announcement by Philips crams in QHD resolution, ultra-wide color tech, a solid enough response time, a totally forgettable name, and the extras that make the day job easier.

Admittedly the 34E1C5600HE isn’t entirely designed for gaming but anybody who is looking for gorgeous vistas in the arena or ready to crawl through the jungle in Shadow of the Tomb Raider is likely to appreciate the impressive color coverage and design that Philips describes as ready for “all professions, from graphics-oriented fields like photography and CAD-CAM to numbers-oriented fields such as accounting and finance.”

The unusual bump atop this huge lump of monitor is an integrated 5MP Windows Hello compatible webcam, meaning it’s likely to be a central feature of the day and night. Alongside the USB C display port alt mode and power delivery, a USB 3.2 hub, and a set of 5W speaker, the 34E1C5600HE definitely isn’t all about speed but might be worth a look if you’re ready to escape the office for a New World without changing desks. Have a look at the official Philips website for more on this model, or maybe check out the 279M1RV for something a bit more responsive.

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