World Championship Boxing Manager 2 Punching Its Way to Life in 2022

Ziggurat Interactive is reviving a 30-year-old franchise with its announcement that World Championship Boxing Manager 2 will be coming out in 2022. The game is the sequel to the original title first published in 1991. According to the development team, this new iteration retains the essence of the original and expands on it through modern visuals, RPG elements, and new characters including Rocky Marciano and Sugar Ray Robinson. The plan is to release the game for multiple systems including PC (Steam and GoG), PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Players take on dual roles in WCBM2 by playing as both a boxer and a boxing manager and offers both classic and updated gameplay features including:

  • A modernization of a heavy-hitting classic that combines boxing simulation with tycoon-styled management gameplay
  • An awesome stable of sluggers and staff, including licensed characters Rocky Marciano™ and Sugar Ray Robinson™!
  • 32-bit visuals with modern features including dynamic lighting and fight cam to watch your fighter duke it out in real-time
  • A Story Mode with branching paths adds replayability and encourages players to take on the challenges of each in their own way
  • An extensive skills point system lets players build the pugilist of their dreams. Be it a hard-hitting ring king, a one-punch wonder, or a super stamina warrior of the knock-down-drag-out fight; it’s up to the player to create a training path to victory
  • An in-depth tutorial system for teaching newcomers to boxing what it’s all about
  • A complete hiring system lets players ensure they have the best training team (and business managers) for their fighters — even if some of that staff might be a little unorthodox
  • Twitch integration allows streamers and their viewers to take part in the experience together, getting the in-game crowd pumped up, placing viewer names on ringside banners, and allowing the audience to even trigger special in-match events
  • Jam-packed with the humor, heart, and personality that made the original game so popular!

Check out the World Boxing Manager 2 official site to learn more.

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