World End Syndrome Coming West

World End Syndrome

Things are about to get strange for fans of visual novels, in spring 2019. Arc System Works recently confirmed that it is due to bring mystery, love, and a litany of strange incidents to the west with World End Syndrome.

Initially launched in Japan back in April 2018 and developed by TOYBOX, World End Syndrome is a visual novel that focuses on an unnamed high school transfer student as they escape the big city. After a mysterious accident, they arrive in a sleepy seaside town to build a new life. A new start at Mihane High School provides a jumping off point and an introduction to the game’s heroines. As players interact with Maimi Kusunose and Miu Amana, these two very different personalities can dramatically influence the protagonist’s world, as they set out on a summer of mystery, adventure, and love. Despite some fairly ambiguous story hints, this absolutely gorgeous looking novel is the product of some solid talent. Yuki Kato, an artist on the Blaze Blue series, and Takashi Nitta, who recently worked on the God Wars franchise, are attached to the title and already have my attention from the reveal trailers and key art.

When it does make it to the west, Yokohama’s Arc System Works will release World End Syndrome as a digital-only download on the PlayStation Store and Nintendo Switch eShop. We do not have a release date yet and will not receive an English, or any other, dub. If you want to check out more information you can find out more on the official Arc System Works website.

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