World End Syndrome Out Now on Switch and PlayStation 4

World End Syndrome

Back at the end of November 2018, we reported that World End Syndrome was coming westward. Now, this original visual novel is out on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

An unexpected alliance between Japanese studios. Fighting game stalwarts ArcSystem Works and the team at Toybox came together and produced a visual novel that looks absolutely stunning. Featuring scenario designs by Deadly Premonition producer Tomio Kanazawa, and character designs by Blazblue artist and designer Yuki Kato, this mystery follows the story of a 17-year-old high school student trying to escape his troubled past. After an unfortunate incident that resulted in his older sister’s death, the game’s protagonist receives an invite to transfer to Mihate High School.

Rather than find a new start, the unfortunate choice to run thrusts the game’s hero into Mihate Town, a coastal location that is far from the paradise it appears. Home to the legendary Yomibito, the town finds the dead rising to attack the living every 100 years. Unfortunately, it’s time for the dead to rise again.

Whether the legend of the Yomibito is true or not, there is plenty more to worry about as you navigate the mysteries of a new town and forge friendships. The sudden murder of a student at the local high school is a much more immediate concern and promises a series of strange incidents, romance, and unforgettable summer experiences. If you are ready for a summer break already, check out more about World End Syndrome on the game’s official website. World End Syndrome is available now on the Nintendo eShop and  PlayStation Store as a digital dowbload

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