World of Final Fantasy Heading to Steam in November

If you are a PC player and are a fan of Final Fantasy, stand up and take note! Square Enix has announced that World of Final Fantasy will be arriving on Steam on November 21st.

What is World of Final Fantasy?

The game has been out for PlayStation 4 as well as Vita since last year. However, bringing it to Steam will bring it to an entirely new audience.

The game encompasses all of the eras of the series and is considered a “family-friendly RPG”. You’ll meet up with well-known characters including Cloud from Final Fantasy VII and others. In addition, you’ll be working to collect monsters to fight with you and your allies. Think a FF version of Pokemon in a way.

Graphically, the game brings more “chibi-like” characters and a more cartoon-like game world. However, you shouldn’t be put off by the seemingly childlike graphics. According to most, there’s a lot more to the game than literally meets the eye.

We do know there will be a Day One edition. It should set you back about $40. However, the Steam page is not yet set up, so keep your eyes on the official site to learn more.

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