London’s falling in World of Tanks Latest War Story


Back in August 2017, Wargaming revealed the latest incarnation of World of Tanks. War Stories are single player PvE campaigns that ask, what if? Now, Wargaming has launched two additional updates for this series, Operation Sealion and Kennedy’s War.

World of Tanks & its evolution

An evolutionary step for World of Tanks, these free to play console only adventures pit players against the tide of history, exploring what would happen if critical moments took a different turn. The fist of the two newest episodes, out today, surrounds the fate of London town. Operation Sealion was the real codename for an intended invasion of Britain during World War 2 and as a crack tank commander, players will face off against these invaders in a Cromwell Resistance tank.

The second update is titled Kennedy’s War and fast forwards to the Cuban Missile Crisis. In the wake of this international incident, American and Russian forces have dispensed with jaw-jaw and warmed up the cold war. A series of new Playstation and Xbox achievements are bundled with both encounters. To find out more about War Stories check out or jump into Operation Sealion and Kennedy’s War now.

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