World of Warcraft Classic receives its first big content update

World of Warcraft Classic players looking to test their mettle will be able to thanks to the opening of the Dire Maul 5-player dungeon. The massive dungeon features a whopping three wings with tons of loot to be had for the effort.

Lore-wise, this is what Blizzard has to say about Dire Maul:

“Built thousands of years ago to house the kaldorei’s arcane secrets, the formerly great city of Eldre’Thalas now lies in ruin, writhing with warped twisted forces. Competing covens once fought for control of Dire Maul’s corrupted energy, but they have since settled into uneasy truces, choosing to exploit the power within their own territories rather than continue to battle over the entire complex.”

Inside the dungeon, there are several quests to undertake for players of at least level 54+ (recommended 55+). Those meeting the requirements can enter, pick up the quests, and work with a coordinated group to complete the objectives to reap the rewards.

It’s not just a straight-forward romp either. To go beyond the East Wing, players will need to either have a key, a rogue with high lockpicking, an explosive charge, or a skeleton key in order to open subsequent wings.

Blizzard has posted a guide to each wing including what monsters players will encounter, what loot can be found, and what quest items are within each wing. In addition, recommended levels are posted to make sure that only the most prepared players take on the fight.

There are some handy dandy tips for all players hoping they’re prepared for the challenges of Dire Maul. Head over to the World of Warcraft Classic official site to check it out.

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