World of Warships Legends Launches Today

World of Warships Legends sets sail today, as Wargaming celebrate the official release of their real-time PvP game that brings aquatic combat to the Xbox One and Playstation 4.

Making Waves

You might have caught our hands-on review when World of Warships: Legends went into Early Access earlier this year. Now, the naval combat simulator has launched for real, and there are a few extra surprises to celebrate. Fans of the franchise or anybody just curious enough to get started in the game will find that they can take part in the brand-new “The Hunt for Tirpitz” campaign and unlock the legendary premium German battleship Tirpitz. To reap all the benefits of this new campaign players will need to get involved. Players will need to get Admiralty backing while the campaign continues from 12 August to 15 September. Along the way, they can expect to earn campaign currency, credits, and premium time. With 100 levels to explore and an additional boatful of German battleships and destroyers available, there really is a whole fleet of content.

World of Warships Legends is the first of the Wargaming World of games to be built specifically for consoles. From the in game engine, the UI, and specially designed console controls everything about this title is designed to make the most of the current generation of consoles. When we dropped into early access we found the core of this naval encounter still had the same enjoyable battles as the PC World of Warships, but with a number of streamlined systems that fit the new console environment well. Players can still set out on missions, battle other players, recruit legendery commanders, and upgrade their own ship with less hassle than on PC. If you’re interested in trying out the latest World of Warships iteration now it is live, then you can find out more about this free to play title on the game’s official website or check out the launch trailer above.

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