World on Fire Blasts Onto Mobile

When I heard that Perfect World released a new mobile game this month I readied myself for yet another anime-inspired fantasy RPG grind. It turns out the online MMO monolith are dropping something a little more explosive with the release of World on Fire.

Out now, on both iOS and Android devices, World on Fire is a new WWII inspired strategy game developed by the team behind Age of Z. Camel Games has unleashed a game that puts players In the role of a military commander and choose from a range of troops to take into battle. Four distinct classes of cannon fodder are already available at launch, featuring tanks, armored vehicles, artillery, and infantry. Anybody brave enough to roll out onto the battlefield will need to manage resources and research new technologies to keep their ranks in top shape. Researching new alien tech will open up access to several super weapons, including some nifty looking mech assaults.

While Real Time Strategy fans should find the traditional gameplay familiar, World on Fire introduces a few unexpected bonuses. World on Fire looks to have some quite impressive graphics for the small screen and the online nature of the mobile platform allows players to take part in some massive engagements, with hundreds of players in real time. Whether commanders are busy viewing World on Fire’s battle map feature or busy forming an alliance in the trenches, World on Fire seems like a slightly more ambitious outing than some EA’s Command and Conquer debacle. If you are looking to crush your enemies underfoot on the move then World on Fire is out now. You can check out even more detail about the game on the official Camel Games website.

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