World War 3 Team Announces Beta Testing Dates

My.Games and The Farm 51 have sent out a brand new trailer for the upcoming tactical online FPS World War 3. The trailer announces the closed beta commencement date as well as provides a window for when the open beta will begin. In addition, players are able to pre-order WW3 packs that allow guaranteed access to closed beta testing and a number of in-game items. Those who purchased Early Access versions of the game are also automatically included in closed beta testing. After the official launch, WW3 will become a free-to-play title.

Closed beta testing is set to begin on November 25th and it will remain active through the start of open beta testing which is currently slated for March 2022. During beta testing, players will be able to check out four different maps and two different game modes. Players will fight on the battlefields of Berlin, Warsaw, Polyarny, and Moscow, and a range of customization options will also be available, with samples of realistic gear and weapons available for players to adapt their loadout with.

Check out the World War 3 official site to learn more about how to get involved in testing.

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