Worms Rumble Is Exploding Into Crossplay Beta And Launch Soon

Grab a rocket launcher and prepare to claim victory as the Worms return with a beta test and full launch of Worms Rumble, a new way to explode your friends.

Launching on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC, Worms Rumble is a crossplay experiment in small scale destruction. It is also a brand new instalment of the Worm s franchise from publisher Team 17. With colourful characters, lots of unusual destruction and a new real time twist on the Worms antics, Worms Rumble is a very different, fast-paced, relentless skirmishes for up to 32 players per match.

Launch The Open Beta!

With full release imminent, Team 17 is gearing players up for this real-time tussle with a full crossplay beta test. Anybody eager to release exploding sheep or just chuck a grenade will be able to try out Worms Rumble in the game’s first PlayStation®/PC crossplay beta from 6th November. This follows on from previous closed beta testing in July. The fully open beta test will allow you to get a first glimpse of the action and the first map that is likely to play host to the ensuing chaos.

What Is It?

We’ve mentioned that Worms rumble isn’t the traditional take on the Worms franchise. This exciting new twist on the turn based combat scenario, present in games like Worms WMD, plunges the Worms into a real time environment and gets up close and personal with the destruction. 32 players enter a sprawling shopping mall complete with its own ballistic missile, in a setup that seems inspired by battle royale titles like PUBG. Plenty of familiar weapons appear in crates across a huge map, including the Bazooka, Assault Rifle, and Holy Hand Grenade, with Jet Packs and Grapple Guns providing extra movement options, all of which should help in eliminating the competition. While you’re winning you can even look awesome with a range of cosmetic items, some of which are available over on Steam already.

With a new map already revealed, and plenty of charming explosive wielding invertebrates on offer, Worms Rumble is likely to be a ton of silly fun. You can check out the trailer above to get a taste and head over to the Worms Rumble website to find out more about the Worms Rumble launch and crossplay beta.

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