WoW: Burning Crusade Classic Re-Introduces Blood Elves & Draenei

Blizzard’s MMORPG World of Warcraft is continuing its Classic saga! The Burning Crusade pre-expansion event will be kicking off on May 18th. The team released a new video aimed at bringing players up to speed as to what they can expect once the Legion attacks. In particular, the trailer outlines the two races introduced in TBC.

“The Burning Legion destroyed your people and home. Avenge your fallen when you create a blood elf or draenei character in World of Warcraft Classic. Then, re-enter the Dark Portal and step into Burning Crusade Classic.”

The global release of World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic will be happening on June 1st. When the expansion launches, you will be given a choice for each of your existing WoW Classic characters: to progress to the Burning Crusade, or to continue in the original WoW Classic content on all-new “Classic Era” servers coming with the rollout of TBC Classic.

Players who want to experience the best of both worlds will have the option to “clone” each WoW Classic character as an optional paid service (available May 18). Following the negative reception of the community, Blizzard reduced the price of the cloning feature from $35 per character to $15 per character.

“This service – providing a player with a second copy of a character in a different game – is new for us. Our original concept of the value of this service was largely based on how we price other optional items and services. We want players who choose Classic Era realms to feel as though their choice comes with the possibility that they’ll be able to build relationships and guilds with other players they can count on.

However, over the last week or so, we’ve gotten a very large amount of feedback from the community, and we’ve decided to lower the price. A lower price will likely still accomplish our goals with the new service, while allowing many more players to explore the option of playing characters on both Classic Era and Burning Crusade Classic realms.”

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