WoW Classic is Classic for a Reason

WoW Classic

Should Blizzard Release WoW the Burning Crusade? The new release of World of Warcraft Classic was a major hit, but should Blizzard push the envelope with a remastered Burning Crusade?

A string of errors and miscalculated steps have dragged Blizzard Entertainment to the gutter, tarnishing its once amazing reputation. Even its flagship franchise, World of Warcraft has lost much of its appeal, with a dwindling number of people subscribing every year. It was time for a change and the decision to bring back World of Warcraft Classic proved to be brilliant. Old-school players and fans who at some point lost interest in playing World of Warcraft expansions have returned to feel young again.

This proved to be a turning point for Blizzard’s all-time bestseller and it also brought the MMORPG genre back into the spotlight. Casino developers responded with slots inspired by this popular type of game, some of them available at Trada Casino. There are also rumors about WoW returning to the big screen after its short affair with the cinema ended abruptly. Blizzard is thrilled with the outcome and some even consider the re-release of Burning Crusade. Is it a good idea though?

World of Warcraft Classic Keeps the Dream Alive

WoW Classic veterans have frequently complained that Blizzard got soft and overly concerned about quantity at the expense of quality. By making World of Warcraft expansions easier, they’ve brought new players into the fold, while alienating some of the veterans. There’s always a trade to be made and the steady drop in subscriptions suggests that the decision was not necessarily the best. Many of those who returned to WoW Classic did so out of nostalgia, trying to capture the fragrance of the time long past.

The reception of World of Warcraft Classic was overwhelmingly positive, with millions playing the game for at least a few months. Naturally, the fans were curious about whether Blizzard will stop here and focus on improving the servers and the gaming atmosphere or chase a new project. The obvious step going forward would be the arrival of the Burning Crusade and the Wrath of the Lich King expansions. These would follow the same path and strip the game of all the new features, to preserve its vanilla flavor.

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The Outlands and Northrend as They Once Were

World of Warcraft Classic is a faithful reproduction of the first game and if Blizzard chooses to release Burning Crusade and the Wrath of the Lich King, they will follow the same path. Many fans are asking the company to proceed, as the events of Cataclysm made the iconic continents of Outlands and Northrend virtually unrecognizable. The changes that have occurred in the game rendered many quests and stories inaccessible, so bringing back those two expansions would make sense.

There are, however, plenty of reasons against going beyond World of Warcraft Classic. For starters, the community of players currently enjoying the WoW vanilla will be divided even further, leaving the realm unpopulated. No matter how good of a job Blizzard does, there are simply not enough players to enjoy all their World of Warcraft games simultaneously. The classic versions are too complicated to appeal to most of the new generation of players, while only a fraction of the veterans have returned to gaming.

World of Warcraft Classic is also supposed to be a breakaway from the latest expansions of the franchise. It would defeat the purpose of increasing the number of subscriptions if players would forsake the new iterations for a chance to play the classic games. Blizzard should instead focus on releasing new content that appeals to both audiences, by learning something from these valuable lessons. World of Warcraft Classic was a pleasant stroll down memory lane, but living in the past isn’t the way to go.

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