WoW Classic – Naked Raid Group Defeats Onyxia & 33 Hunter Speed Kill

WoW Classic - Naked Raid Group Defeats Onyxia & 33 Hunter Speed Kill

Punch this dragon in the face! A group from WoW Classic server Zandalar Tribe EU proved that if there is a will, there is a way, killing Onyxia without using armor, weapons or jewelry.

The raid boss herself was tanked by a duo of Hunter pets, Nemesis and Garfield, for a while before the tanks took over, while the trash on the way was dealt with in a very particular way:

Paladins (or warriors for that matter) can’t really generate threat in.a reasonable time without a weapon/shield (or +SP from gear), so I had the mages start the fight with a rank 1 frostbolt (minimal damage) and as soon as they hit, our pally tank could cast greater blessing of kings on the mages. This generates an insane amount of threat. I think we had 15 mages, so it would be around 1.7k threat per cast. The timing of it was important, so the tank should’ve been in position before the mages cast…which is why the first dragonkin walked into the raid, because we pulled before Berit was in position!

If your motto is “speed kills”, then you might be interested in another run that happened a day after, featuring a raid group from the guild called Fully Exposed from Herod US server. Consisting of 33 Hunters, one Rogue, one Warlock, Druid & Warrior Tanks as well as three Resto Shaman healers, this mighty raid managed to defeat Onyxia in only 58.73 seconds!

Shared by Gunzbngbng from the group’s discord:

Every 8/8 T2 Hunter, on average, attributes about 9dps to the bottom line to every other hunter in the raid. And yes. It stacks.
If you had a raid with two hunters, one with and one without, the set bonus would attribute about 18dps. But, if you have two hunters with the set bonus, it becomes 36dps.
If you have ten hunters, the math looks like this. (10^2)9=900dps.
If you have twenty hunters: (20^2)9=3200dps.
Thirty hunters: (30^2)9=8100dps. Adding 270 dps to the bottom line of every single hunter in the raid.
As you can see, every hunter added exponentially increases the output of the set bonus. The game plan is to stack raids with 26-32 full T2 hunters and see how far we can push this absurdity.
Can we break a few records abusing this mechanic? Let’s find out.
Edit: We found out.

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