WoW Classic Outlined Season of Discovery Phase 2

Developer Blizzard Entertainment had taken to the official site of MMORPG World of Warcraft to reveal new content coming to Season of Discovery in Phase 2. Players are in for a new raid information, dungeon, Rune ability, PvP, and profession updates, and more. Check out the video above to join a cast of developers that will walk you through the new content or proceed to the list below for a quick overview.

“With this preview we want to take a moment to get ahead of the PTR since, like the previous Classic PTR, the content for Season of Discovery Phase 2 will not actually be available to play. We also want to help assuage any incorrect assumptions from any datamining that may occur as the PTR also holds some data that could be misleading, is experimental, is meant for later phases, or even are items that did not make the cut.”

WoW Classic – Season of Discovery Phase 2 Includes:

  • New Gnomeregan Raid Dungeon. Gnomeregan will be a 10-player raid dungeon consisting of six bosses–which includes one additional new boss. Requires Level 40.
  • Season of Discovery Phase 2 will also have new skill books added as a part of 5-player dungeon drops from various creatures. These quality-of-life improvements will not take a rune slot and help to address things such as short Aura durations for Paladin Blessings, totem control for Shaman, and more.
  • Rune Ability updates for many classes.
  • PvP updates. Phase 2 introduces a new PvP event called “The Blood Moon.” Back to Stranglethorn Valley! Additional adjustments are coming to matchmaking and to Ashenvale. The weekly quest world buff will not apply to players after level 39.
  • Two new faction-agnostic mounts.
  • Profession updates. Players will be able to discover approximately twenty new recipes across all non-gather professions.

“For players looking to catch up with their friends above level 25, we will be implementing a 50% experience buff for players between level 1 and 25. Players will also see an increase in experience gained within the Blackfathom Deeps raid dungeon when it is cleared. The raid dungeon will still continue to run with the current lockout timer, and players will no longer gain the world buff beyond level 39, however.”

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