WoW Classic Players to Tackle Zul’Gurub Raid & More

WoW Classic

WoW Classic has been updated to bring a host of new content into the game for players to explore. The patch is anchored by the opening of the 13-boss Zul’Gurub raid in Stranglethorn which is accompanied by the Dragons of Nightmare encounter, the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza, and a mysterious “stirring of the silithid” in Silithus.

Zul’Gurub sends World of Warcraft Classic players into an ancient Troll city with 13 bosses ready to challenge 20-player raid groups. Risk comes with reward and Zul’Gurub can reward raiders with 120 rare and epic items for the effort. They even have a chance at two unique mounts: the Swift Razzashi Raptor and the Swift Zulian Tiger. The raid is a more open plan and the bosses can be defeated in any order leading up to the final encounter with Hakkar.

The Dragons of Nightmare have arrived and are guarding portals at the Great Trees. “These noble creatures have been imbued with an ominous new presence, bereft of the peace for which Ysera is known. To confront these Dragons of Nightmare, you’ll need to call forth your staunchest allies—for their powers are formidable, and they will not hesitate to crush any who draw near.”

For those looking for a less stressful activity, the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza is starting. There are special NPCs in Ironforge and Orgrimmar that are ready to impart the tournament rules and participation requirements. From there, players head to Stranglethorn to await the call.

Check out all of the update details on the WoW Classic official site.

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