WoW Classic PvP Guidelines

This article covers the guidelines for WoW Classic PvP Honor system that governs how players are ranked on a weekly basis in Classic PvP.

What is World of Warcraft Ranking?

World of Warcraft Classic is an MMORPG video game that was released in 2019. It is a recreation of the original World of Warcraft before the first expansion in 2006. All of the original races and classes are present with none that were added in expansions. Game content is being released in phases that roughly match the patch cycles of Vanilla World of Warcraft.

The original World of Warcraft was notoriously difficult to gain rank in and that hasn’t changed in Classic. WoW Classic has 60 levels and it is estimated that it will take the average player at least 160 hours to reach the highest level.

Nowhere is the difficulty in gaining rank more obvious than in World of Warcraft Classic PvP. The PvP system in WoW Classic is known as the Honor system and it differs greatly from the way PvP works in recent expansions.

In this article, we’re going to look at the World of Warcraft Classic PvP Honor system and how players are ranked on a weekly basis in Classic PvP.

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WoW Classic

WoW Classic Honor System

The World of Warcraft Classic Honor PvP system provides a way for players in PvP to compare themselves to the other players on their server. Players earn PvP ranks and unlock titles as well as gear as they gain rank. The system revolves around Honorable Kills, Dishonorable Kills and Contribution Points. Players are given a title and rank every week based on their current amount of Contribution Points. Ranks last for a week and are adjusted the following week based on a player’s PvP activity.

Honorable Kills and Contribution Points

As you play in PvP you will begin to earn Honorable Kills (HKs). An HK is typically given when you, or a member in your group, kill a player in the opposing faction. To count as an HK the player killed must be within 11 levels of your level (level not displayed in gray).

Not all HKs carry the same value. All HKs have a certain amount of Contribution Points (CPs). The number of CPs is based on how much PvP experience a player has; the more experience the more CPs. Thus killing a level 60 player who regularly participates in PvP will get you more CPs than killing a level 60 player who has very little PvP experience.

Killing players in the opposing faction isn’t the only way to earn CPs. Completing objectives in Battlegrounds will also earn you CPs. Capturing a base in Arathi Basin or killing a lieutenant in Alterac Valley are examples of Battlegrounds objectives that earn CPs.

One of the best ways to gain Honor bonuses is by killing one of the NPCs that are viewed as the leader of their race. There are only 6 race leaders, all of whom are on a two-hour spawn timer. The Alliance race leaders are Highlord Bolvar Fordragon, King Magni Bronzebeard, and Arch Druid Fandral Staghelm. The race leaders for the Horde are Thrall, Cairne Bloodhoof, and Lady Sylvanas Windrunner.

Once a week players’ CPs are used to recalculate their rating or Ranking Points (RP). The new rating is based on an average of the player’s previous rating and their standing relative to other players on their server for the past week. Players can check their lifetime HKs as well as their HKs and CP for the past week in the “Honor” tab of their character sheet.

WoW Classic

Factors Affecting Honor Contribution Points

There are several factors that affect the amount of CPs that you get for killing an opposition player:

  • Character level: The higher the level of character that is killed the more points that are awarded
  • Character rank: The higher the rank of the character that is killed the more points are awarded
  • Group kills: Honorable Kills in a group or on raids have the points divided between members of the group based on their contribution to a kill
  • Repeated kills: Killing the same character more than once in a 24 hour period earns fewer points for each kill. Points awarded are reduced to 75% on the second kill, 50% on the third kill, and 25% on the fourth kill. No honor is awarded after the fourth kill.

Dishonorable Kills

A Dishonorable Kill is when a player kills a Civilian NPC in PvP combat. Civilian NPCs are generally low-level NPCs like vendors or quest givers that are useful to the opposing faction. These NPCs will have a “Civilian” tag next to their name if they are being targeted. Killing a Civilian can slow the opposition’s progress as they won’t be available to provide the service they normally render.

A player’s Honor rating will be immediately affected with a Dishonorable Kill, costing them standing in their server and possibly a reduction in PvP rank. Dishonorable Kills are the only thing that will have an immediate effect on a player’s rating.

Weekly Rankings

Every week a player is given a PvP rank based on the amount of Honor earned compared to other players on the server. Any player who hasn’t gotten a minimum of 15 Honorable Kills during the week will not be ranked. Each faction has 14 ranks that come with a title and benefits. The ranks along with titles and benefits are:

WoW Classic PvP 1

WoW Classic PvP 2

It should be noted that at the beginning of every week there is a decay of 20% in players ranking points. If a player finishes the week with 15000 points, they will begin the next week with only 12000 points. Players will have to make the decay amount up before they can work on increasing their rank.

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